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Make up games and Playoff info

Wednesday league makeup schedule is as follows:


August 21st

630     Titanic Meats (h)   Seadogs

830     Mets (h)                  Grackle

Hickey - BYE


August 28th

630     Grackle(h)               Hickey

830     Mets (h)                   Titanic

Seadogs - BYE



****if there are any other rain outs we will have to make them up on a different night so teams may have to play twice that week...please let your teams know


The playoffs will start Wednesday September 4th





Thursday league:


Final league standings

1.  Pub             8-3 *****No need to make up the game vs Paddy's.  Based on the head to head vs Indios, they own the tie break(3-1)****

2.  Indios          8-4

3.  Paddys        6-5

4.  Souza          1-11



Playoff schedule is as follows:


Aug 15

630  Pub (home) 12 vs Souza 2 (Pub leads series 1-0)

830  Indios (home) 10 vs Paddy's 19 (Paddy's leads series 1-0)


Aug 22  No Games Tonight because of old time baseball game at St. Peters field


Aug 29

630  Paddy's (home) vs Indios

830  Souza (home) vs Pub





****Reminder, there are no time limits in the playoffs.. In case of a tie after the 7th inning we will use the international tie break rule****


Wednesday Night League

Played on Wednesday nights at 6:30 and 8:30

Thursday Night League

Played on Thursday nights at 6:30 and 8:30

2019 League Standings

We try and get the league standings updated as quickly as possible.  Last update: Monday 8/19/19




Wednesday night

Thursday night

Weekly Scores and Results

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August 14 - Wednesday Night

Seadogs 17   Mets - 9  

Hickey  v    Titanic    (Postponed)

Grackle - BYE



August 15 - Thursday Night


Pub - 12 . Souza 2  (Pub leads series 1-0)

Paddy's - 19   Indios -10 (Paddy's leads series 1-0)


Here Are The League Rules - For 2019

If you have any questions about any of the rules please contact the league commissioner

2019 Cambridge Softball Rules


Game Times:

630 pm (no grace period allowed) we have changed the game time multiple times to help everyone to get there so no grace.

***The clock will start at 630***

830 pm (No grace period allowed)

**Due to the length of the games last year, all regular season games will be on a time clock 1 hour 45 minutes per game on a hard stop.  Once time expires the score will go back to the last completed inning.  So there is a possibility of a tie game.  Playoffs will not have a clock.

Each team will play a 12 game schedule.  At the completion of the season only the top 4 in each division will advance to the playoff round.


In case of a tie in the standings the tie break will go as follows:

  1. Most wins
  2. Head to head
  3. Runs allowed
  4. Runs scored
  5. Coin flip

Lineup cards:

Lineup cards must be filled out and turned into the umpires before your team bats in the 1st inning.

You are allowed to bat everyone, just note, if your 10th, 11th, etc. shows up after the card is turned in he must be listed 10, 11 etc.  This will apply only until the leadoff hitter bats for the 2nd time.  If the player shows up after that point he can only be put into the lineup as a substitute.


Courtesy Runners:

The pitcher and catcher are allowed unlimited courtesy runners.  This runner will be the last recorded out.

In the case of an injury, it will be the last recorded out if there is no substitute available.



Each team will receive 2 dozen balls on the 1st night.  We will be using yellow Dudley SB12 softballs.  Each team will supply 1 ball for each game.  If a 3rd ball is needed the home team will supply it, a 4th the visitor and so on.  Please use the game balls supplied only.  Bring extras the 1st few games so you will have used ones in your bags.



There will be bat testing, those dates when Rich has the machine will be sent out.  Once the bat is tested it will have a sticker on it.  If after testing is completed, and someone uses a bat that is not stickered, here are the penalties

1st offense-the batter is out. The coach and the batter are both ejected

2nd offense-the game is forfeited and the player is ejected and suspended for the year


Tie Break:

At the end of the 7th inning, if the score is tied and there is time remaining we will use the international rule where the last out in the 7th inning will be placed on 2nd base.  This will continue until there is a winner.  **if time permits**


Run Rule:

The run rule is a lead of 12 runs after 4 innings and 10 runs after 5 innings.



A decision on rain outs will be made by 3 pm.  I will send an email to the managers and you can forward the message to your players.  If you would rather a text message about this just give me your cell number and I will text you.  If a decision has not been made by 3 pm it will be an umpire decision at game time.



The winning team is required to report the scores to me either by text 617-293-4170 or email seadogs72@yahoo.com



The umpire fees this season is $50 per game.



All players must wear matching shirts with numbers.  Also baseball pants MUST be worn.  There are no shorts allowed, we are not a slow pitch or co-ed league.  The 1st offense of a player wearing shorts is a warning.  If the player continues to wear shorts, we will take other measures.Metal cleats are allowed.



Players are allowed to play in both leagues, but teams are limited to 3 common players per night. Pitchers are NOT allowed to pitch in both.  Once a pitcher has thrown 1 pitch, they are married to that specific league.  There will be exceptions made on a case to case basis.  Please contact me at 617-293-4170 if this comes up.

To be eligible for the playoffs, a player must have played 5 games in the regular season (unless the player was injured).  Guys, we are on the honor system here, we all know who plays for who and if someone is not eligible, so please don’t let this be an issue come playoff time.



There is no alcohol of any kind allowed in or around the dugouts.  If the umpire sees any alcohol, the game will be immediately forfeited.  Wait until after the game and use the right field lounge. 



If a team forfeits a game, there is a $100 fee due to Tony Aresco before the start of your next game. 



Once again the website is www.cambridgesoftball.com

The rules, scores and standings will be updated weekly. 



Tony Aresco:  Commissioner  617-293-4170  seadogs72@yahoo.com

Rich Silva:  UIC  978-590-1394 rjsilva26@aol.com

John Kosinski:  Web site  603-361-0771 john.kosinski@yahoo.com

Peter Mosgofian:  617-285-0624 spmosgofian@gmail.com

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Download the Rules and The Schedules


2019 Wedneday/Thursday Night Leagues - Mens Fastpitch Softball in Cambridge

Wednesday Night Schedule

Thursday Night Schedule


Tony Aresco:  Commissioner  617-293-4170  seadogs72@yahoo.com

Rich Silva:  UIC  978-590-1394 rjsilva26@aol.com

John Kosinski:  Web site  603-361-0771 john.kosinski@yahoo.com

Peter Mosgofian:  617-285-0624 spmosgofian@gmail.com


The Cambridge Men's Fastpitch Softball League has been a Cambridge institution for well over 50 years.  If you want to see a fast paced, competitive, entertaining game of softball then come by St. Peters Field on a wed or thursday night in the summer time.